rights to repair your vehicle

  1. You have the right to pick the facility where your vehicle gets serviced. You do not have to take your car to the shop with the cheapest estimate or one picked by the insurance company.
  2. In MA, you do not have to get three written estimates. If requested, you may supply one estimate from the shop where you intend to have the repair work done.
  3. If you are the claimant, you were not at fault, you are entitled to a rental car during the time your car is being repaired (up to 30 days). You can ask that the rental car be brought to your home, work, or have them meet you at the shop when you drop off your vehicle for repair. Also, you may leave the rental car at the shop when you pick up your repaired vehicle. You should discuss these policies with the various rental car companies. We can also help your during this process
  4. If the repair shop of your choice and the insurance company fail to reach an agreed upon price, you have the right to ask for a third opinion or for arbitration.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the way your claim is being handled, contact your insurance agent. If you do not get reasonable results from your agent, then contact the State Department of Insurance.